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Engelsfors Drambo Model Railroad

A very Swedish N scale layout built by Olle Frykmo, Skultuna

Overview - Presentation of the layouts


The basement layout is built in three levels

  • The upper level contains the three legged Swedish main layout:

  • Most of the sections are built with Fremo N-RE interfaceand could be removed to join the exhibition layout.

  • The middle leg consists of site-built sections

  • Below the lower leg you can find the British layout

  • Next to the floor is a more play-friendly layout for the younger generation.

    Click the drawings for pictures and descriptions for the sections on the tree different levels.






The layout as an exhibition layout

  • My layout has in different shapes participated in a number of exhibitions in Sweden and Norway.

  • The detachable sections on the basement layout can be combined into an exhibition track with a slightly flexible shape that can be adapted to the current premises.

  • the layout is normally operated with a number of (5-8) automatically controlled trains to always some trains moving along the track.

  • The automation is controlled via the program Train Controller

ut1          ut2

Some facts

Size of the room

6,6*3,5 meter

Digital system

DCC, Loconet

- Central station

Digitrax DCS 100

- Block detection

Digitrax BDL168

- Point decoders

Digitrax DS64 for PecoMöllehem for servocontrolled

Computer controll

Train Controller Gold v8

- Computer interface


Tracks and points

Peco code 55, flextrack

Peco electrofrog-points


Modern image

Regional prototypes

Main layout:    Mid SwedenBritish layout: Scotland


Pictures and videos from exhibitions