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Engelsfors Drambo Model Railroad

A very Swedish N scale layout built by Olle Frykmo, Skultuna

Myggebo   -   "Home of the mosquitos"


. Railway yard


Workshop, roundhouse and recycling central



A new built middle section for the exhibition layout. At the basement its placed in the inner corner of the room.At the round house section there is also a marshland modelled which gave the area its name Myggebo - Home of the mosquitos.

The area consists of five sections.Klick the  headlines below for information on the different sections

  1. Railway yard sections. A nowadays, relatively deserted railway yard with a couple of slightly overgrown side tracks and an active meeting track

  2. Roundhouse sectionIn focus is a detailed etched model of the round house in Ängelsberg as it looks today and a row of aged workers barracks near to the marshland.

  3. Workshop sectionOn the section is a couple of cardboard models of  a workshop from Salla station area and a small engine house from Mackmyra.

  4. Recycling centralAn add-on section on the workshop section which models a typical recycling central with typical, lightly stressed visitors.    

  5. Connection sectionsConnects the different legs and levels of the basement layout. They are not a part of the exhibition layout.  

Some facts

Total size: 2 500 * 1 750 400 mm

Years built



Module boxes and tracks




Part of the exhibition layout

- Yes