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Engelsfors Drambo Model Railroad

A very Swedish N scale layout built by Olle Frykmo, Skultuna


Modelled district

The prototype for the main layout is the Bergslagen district in mid Sweden.
The district have no distinct borders but spans over four to five counties, Västmanland, Dalarna, Uppland, Gästrikland and Närke.  It is an old ironworks district with many small mill- and mining towns but today most of the small ironworks are withdrawn.
Modelling era

I am modelling modern era, from 1990 until today.



Most of the models of buildings and environments are local, not far from home.- The red dot is Skultuna where I live.- The yellow dots represents places from   where I have built models for the layout.Even the rolling stock are mostly models of stock that have been running on tracks in the district.