The Regina project         -           The construction of a swedish N-scale EMU

Part 4 -  Painting

The last part covers the work with painting and decalling.

  Part 1  -  Preparations                               2002-12-05
  Part 2  -  Resizing the chassis                2003-01-03
  Part 3  -  Restart with new technique    2005-11-06
  Part 4  -  Painting                                      2005-12-01
  Gallery - Photos of model and prototypes.


      The unpainted bodies in the paint box 


November  2005 Metal sidings - a new challenge

The wagon sides of the Regina train has a polished metal finish, unlike all other models I have built. The trains usually is covered witj "normal" paint.

To keep the original metal finish from the NS etched sheet I used this clear varnish made for bare metal. Typically used for car restauration.

The finished was applied all over the model and even used as primer for the areas that later should be covered with paint.

Eastwood - Diamond Clear

Prototype for this single model
The Regina trains are operating all over Sweden in liveries from many local operators.
The choice for the first model was easy.

For this actual period, 2002-2005 "Tågkompaniet" operates the trains for "Tåg i Bergslagen" in this Region, north of lake Mälaren.
The model train will be painted as X51 nr 3255.

It is named Sura-Pelle" after a local hockey legend from the sixties.

The trains has a turning point at Västerås station area, just a couple of hundred meters from my office.

So several lunch hours were spent by photographing the different trains to get all details for the upcoming painting sessions.
The red colors of the lining were mixed out of the following Humbrol colors:
 Red 19, Orange 18, brownish 9 and white 22.


The painted bodies


The logos from
 "Tågkompaniet" and 
"Tåg i Bergslagen" was found on their homepages where they presented their graphical profiles with downloadable files in different formats.

Based on the logos and the photos, I produced a drawing for a decal sheet.

The drawing was made in Corel Draw an sent to a firm in Germany for printing on a Micro Dry printer.

Above the complete decal sheet.

To the left some details, logos and the doors

The doors  became much better as decals than when I tried to paint the tiny details. 


 The model with all decals set.



The windows and the thin etched wiper.

The windows are made of overhead foils that was tinted brown/black with a couple of thin  layers with an airbrush.

The side windows tinted with humbrol black and the front window with Tamiya X-19 smoke


Four steps of the painting process
Primed with the clear finish and the window areas then painted black.
White for the doors and the front areas. 
The red decoration stripes.
(The doors should just have been painted white beacause they would later be covered with the decals as below)
Ready painted with applied decals.



Below the complete roof, click to enlarge



30 November  2005 - Grand final

After three long years  -  at last an X51 train ready to run. 

 And a close up, honestly too "close up" for an N scale model :-)


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