The   Fagersta   Diorama


Both the station house and the later built goods shed is to be built and will measure 45 centimeters in N-scale, which is accurate to scale. As a first step I have drawn a pilot model on the computer and printed it out on thin cardboard. 
For the walls, windows and the decorative details on the station house I will prepare drawings that later will be send to a firm to make eched plates. The shingle roof will be made of computerdrawn cardboard.
The goods shed will be built in a more traditional technique with a base of styren sheet, but with computerprinted brick walls and a roof of currugated styren sheet.

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On this picture the etched walls are mounted and I am trying to get the right size for the different roof areas. The goods shed shows the pilot model.


Some of the etched details for the building.
(Togehther with a first try for a gem)


A close up of the building, now with glazing and some posters decorating the windows.

Roof making, quite a job with so many different areas and angels.

The picture shows tests with different color tones for the roof.
The roof is printed on thin yellowish cardboard with a inkjet printer. 

Modell av stationshuset från perrongsidan. Klicka för en detaljbild!

2004-07-10     The finished house from the railway side, click to get a close up.

As the building was finished there was a need for inpsection of the chimneys  :-)