A diorama with a few city houses 


  Main building  - Prototypes, construction and model building 


The diorama with the main building and some backyard houses
The diorama is placed next to the diorama with the station buildings at the Engelsfors modules.
where there was a need for a building with a bank and some shops.

The main building is a freelance model, inspired by two houses from different places in the county.
The house which I first choosed as prototype was far too big to fit as a model so this 
model is some kind of compromise.

The houses at the backyard are scale models of original buildings near Sala station.

The main reason for building this house was to model a baker´s shop shop in Sala, "Sala Ångbageri" "Sala steam bakery".

The shop is sitauted nearby Sala station which makes it a perfect detail at the model.

The shop doesn´t loook very special outside, but has got very special charms. Inside it´s a sparsed  furnished shop and café with a 50:s retro style.

And their blueberrie buns are both delicios and big.....

The bakery shop------------------------------------------->
Finally it was these two house that would merge to something
that I hoped would look lika a typical city house.

To the left the house from Sala with the bakery shop and
a small hotel 
To the right, the other house, situated nearby the 
railway station of Fagersta.
As a beginning, all models were quick drawn with a computer and printed out on plain paper
The paper sketches are simple but looks though quite good. But they have a total lack of texture.

The main building

Fasaden är noggrant ritad, men tyvärr sköt jag takkonstruktionen till senare vilket innebar att en hel del improvisation fick användas vid bygget och att en takläggare med all säkerhet skulle ha allvarliga påpekanden om konstruktionen.
Det är ju tyvärr lite svårare att komma åt att fotografera och mäta upp taket, jämfört med fasaden.

Huset är byggt med "kapaskivor" i stommen och med tunn styv kartong som putsyta.
The construction is built up with 5 mm kapa boards, a kind of foam board covered with cardboard.

The plaster facedes are then cut out in another layer of cardboard.


The walls are primed with an waterbased primer with quite much "body"

Painted rather thick and then dotted with the brush to get a coarse surface. 

Slutstrykningsfärg är Polly Scales "" på väggens övre del.
Top coat is painted with diferent mixes from Polly Scale, "D&RGW bldg cream" on the upper half.

For this model i produced a few etched details, prototype looking windows and doors,
some shop windows and a balcony.



A tricky phase was the roofing of the building. A classical tin roof.
With no origanal drawing for the construction there was need for improvisation.
A good start was to cut out plain paper examples to refine the mesures step by step
until the (almost) right sized boards could be cut out in 0,75mm plastic card.

Well almost right sized. There was still some gaps between the boards
But the next step will cover these gaps.

This time the roof will be covered by the tin plates, (0,4 mm styren in strips 5*20mm)

The foldes are monted separately (styren strip 0,25*0,5mm)

Perhaps a kind of therapy work, sigh....... but well worth the result.

Chimneys built of brass profiles covered with 0,4mm plastic card.

Now, the sheet-metal workers have done their job.
Painted in black I think that the roof got a rather good tin-roof character.



The hose look still rather naked in lack of details

When producing other etched items  I had a possibility to put a few "bonus details" at the frets.
Downpipes, classical TV antennas an parabol antennas.


With the computer and it´s local printer it is easy tp produce signs for the shops.A

But for some other details I used real handicraft.
The 3*3 mm portraits in the barbers window are hand painted.


Time to put all details together at the diorama

Click here for a guided tour around the diorama

Runt nästa hörn ligger hotell Svea, ett litet pensionat där det nog var rätt länge sedan
rummen renoverades. När man går igenom korridorerna mellan rummen hänger fortfarande
lukten av gammalt rökigt pensionat kvar i de mörka vältrampade heltäckningsmattorna, trots
att rökförbud råder sen flera år.

Förmiddagsfika vid Ångbageriets kafé.

Det är sommaren första riktig varma dag.

Så personalen på bageriet har just tagit fram och målat upp möblerna till
trädgårdserveringen som öppnar i helgen.
Trädgårdsserveringen är något som tyvärr förebilden saknar.

Här är hela dioramat med bank- och gårdshus.
Dioramat har sin ordinarie plats på stationsmodulen vid Engelsfors
och var den enda återstående delen som var kvar att göra klar.