Forestry with flowers from the hedge              

sidan uppdaterad: 2002-11-11
To make the scenery look good you will have to use a mix different types of trees.

To make your own trees there are many plants that can be used  I have used a plant from the hedge.  Spirea salicifolia, what it is called in english I don´t know, but the left picture shows the flower as it looks in the summer.

To the right as it looks in the autumn when its time for "harvest"


It is possible to produce different type of trees depending of the shape of the flower.
You have to pick away "branches" with a pair of scissors or tweezers to find the characteristics of the special type of tree.

Then trim the stem to look more smooth.
The tiny leaves near the stem should also be picked away.

At the left a couple of future aspen and at the right a couple of pine trees 


För att bevara mjukheten i träden lägger man dessa  under en natt i en blandning av 1/3 glycerin / glycerol och 2/3 vatten. Träden kramas därefter lätt ur och får rinna av och torka på t.ex tidningar  ett par dar. 
Sedan kan man lagra träden för att vid lämpligt tillfälle fortsätta arbetet.
Själv hade jag dock torkat tofsarna först och lagrat dessa i ett år och när jag tog fram dom var de stela och sköra.
Men det gick bra att köra glycerolbadet i efterskott också innan jag formade de olika träden.
Painting time

I have used an airbrush and different mixtures of green colour depending of the type of tree.

To the right an alder tree just painted.

The paint on the foliage should be applied just enough to cover the the brown tone. Too much colour makes the tree look to heavy.

As a "bonus" the trunks and branches became green too. Next step is to paint them in another colour.
It is quite a finicky job but it has to be done to make the tree look like the prototype.

I have used artists acrylics and painted the trunks with a thin brush and the branches with a really thin brush.
You only have to paint the visible parts and not to far out on the branches where the green colour infact looks good toghether with the foliage.


Some tree groves

Aspen trees

The foliage is painted with paint from Model master. (Acrylics in a bag)
A mixture of  Field green, Sand and White, all matt

The trunks are first painted with Humbrol 127 satin gray. Then a thin wash with artists acrylic green umber mixed with light ochre.


The foliage is sprayed with Tamiyas Flat green, mixed with a little Humbrol acrylic 24 Yellow Matt and Model masters White. 

(why this mixture of different colour makes? Well, I took what was at home for the moment. Any other mixture should work fine. 

The trunks are painted with Humbrol Acryl White Matt. The spots with different shades of grey to black with artist acrylic colour. 




The pines are painted with Tamiyas  Flat green.

The trunks are then toned with light ochre from the top a red/brown colour in the middle and at the root with raw umber


sidan uppdaterad: 2002-11-11