Swedish N-scale poles for overhead cables

sidan uppdaterad:  2008-08-27


This poles are made of styren strips and some other material that i found in my waste boxes.

The construction looks quite well i N-scale. In H0-scale the pole should need some more detaling an perhaps it would be  too weak.


There is no overhead cables between the poles. I think it is not really necessarily to have the cable there. 
Just looking at the pooles, the eye would think the cables are there. A cable would easy look to coarse to the scale, and besides Im sure that I would only tear down the hole thing with my fingers when trying to grab something else on the layout


Pole on the Skultuna line at 1990.

The prototype is an earlier type of pole that was used at lines electrified in the 50:s and 60:s 





The base  is made of styren 3,2*4mm
with a drilled hole, 0,75mm, in the middle.

The pole is made of strips of styren 0,75*0,75mm and  60 mm high

The distances between the legs is made of small strips.

At the bottom a pin of brass is first temporarily glued. This pin should fit into the hole in the hold.m nedersta distansen.

Then, when dry, the pin is coated with epoxi to strengthen to pole.

The three cableholders are made of
0,3 mm piano wire bent in 90 and 30 grades angle respectively

The wires are glued with superglue to the isolators


The isolators are made of the isolator cabel from a brown electrical wire (0,28mm2)

The wire is peled off and the plastic isolation 
is cut in 2mm pieces.





The poles are painted matt gray. with Humbrol nr 1 or Humbrol acrylic nr 127.

On the picture:
 a pole at the goods shed

An extra leg is added to make another variation of the pole top

The same materials are used to make the bridges. These are more reductive compared to the single poles but in N-scael on a station area you do not need to modell all tiny details.