A linemans cottage at the forest module

sidan uppdaterad:  2002-11-11


At this part of the forest module is a small cottage. It was built as a "banvaktsstuga" (A linemans cottage ??)
The cottage is still there today (2002) and is used as a scout hut for Hamre scout group frpm the city of Västerås
Even on the model the cottage is used as a scout hut where the scouts have visitors from Skultuna scout group.
(where I have been active as a leader since 1996)
The first steps of landscaping with putty
The two houses and a small well.
The same area from the other side. 
  Some Woodland Scenics fine turf added 
More turf material, now coarse turf and some sellotape to protect the rails from the sprays of diluted PVA glue 
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