Grönytor med strömaterial

sidan uppdaterad:  2002-11-09


Most green areas is covered with Woodland Scenics different Turfs

On the picture you will find some tools and materials
that I use when covering these areas.

The ground is first primed with a light red/brown colour.
This colour should be visible through the turf a little here and there to make it look like real.

The areas that should be covered is first coated with PVA glue. Then a first cover of "Turf" (Burnt grass with a little yellow)is sprinkled on.
After dry, vacum or blow off the excess. 
For the medium ground cover "Coarse Turf" is used to make low bushes and other textures. Burnt Grass and Light green 

The dropper is used to moisten all of the material with water and softener.
Then you could drop diluted PVA glue on the vegetation.

It will take a while for the bushes to dry.
Sometimes you will have to add more diluted PVA glue.