sidan uppdaterad:  2008-08-27


The backscene is for me an important part of the layout to get the right atmosphere on the narrow shelfs. It is there to give the eye a hint of the surrounding landscape, though without really been seen.

The different objects  should be without direct contact with the landscape on the layout to avoid straange perspectives.
Trees and fields works fine. Roads, streams and houses could look strange when looking at them from different angels.

I like to use artists oil colour to paint the backscenes. It dries slowly and could be applied in many different ways,  


Priming with ordinary white primer and then with a coat of white oil colour. When dry, a blue tone for the sky is applied.

Before the painting session, I have made full-size sketches on a paper which then have been transfered by rubbing the backside of the paper with charcoal and then draw the lines with a pen.

In the next step the distant areas are painted with a rather pale colour in a summarizing way. Then a thin wash of blueish white is used to intensify the perspective and make woods look more distant.

A last the nearest bushes and trees are painted.

Mostly used colours are white, light ochre, green and raw umber.
A few steps on a backscene from another area of the layout.