Motorvagn Y6  

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Prototype Model  Building of the model More pictures

Photos: Where nothing else noted : Olle Frykmo

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Click to enlargePhoto: Rolf Frykmo

A row of railcars from different preservation societys.
Picture from hus in the south of Sweden. The railcars is temporarily on duty on the line Kristianstad - hus during the great scoutcamp "Scout 2001".
Another picture from another summer, long ago - The summer of 1958
 I suppose it was here I found out that trains were interesting.
The little guy on the left side of the gate is me, a couple of years ago.

Model N-scale  --  (on its way)

Pictures of the two different types of railcars produced by Togdillen.
The pictures shows the bodys as they are delivered.
Except for the trimming of excessive mouldings You could do some more modifications to hav a more correct model.

(Photos from Nmodell:s website)

The dummy unit  The motor unit
Building of the model 
Some modifications:

A destination plate should be present at both sides of the roof
The small single lighthouses are changed to double houses
and a top light is added. 
The dummy wagon is made to be a static device on the layout.
So a styrene chassis is fitted to the unit.
The motor unit is still waiting for the proper chassis.
A Tomix chassis that will be delivered in september, Ill hope.
I have tried to make some "superdetailing" with details made from tiny 0,3mm brass rod

First step - Find the drill handle and mount the 0,3mm drill

The next step is to make a guide plate for bending and drilling
The rod is bent over the guide, 5 mm between the legs
The "legs" are cut to 1 mm length 
And here is one of the handrails
The same guide is now used when drilling the holes in the body.


The handrails is tested temporarily on the body.
They will be mounted when the body is painted.  

Next detail is a new front hatch 

The hatch is made of 0,5 mm styren sheet 
Tou can try to drill two 0,3mm holes for the hanldles.
It is possible - You have 0,1 mm on each side of the hole ;-)
(But be prepared with lot of hatches, sometimes the drill will slip)

Now the models are waiting for painting and lettering.


A picture taken during the painting sessions.
Next steps is to paint the bottom line in black, make the front windows and to mount the handrails.

And later when availible, fit the motorised chassis to make the model run too.......




More pictures

Will come later on ....