Diesel Railcar Y6  

Last update:  2008-08-27   

Prototype Part 1 - building Painting Chassis More pictures...

Foto: Olle Frykmo


Colors used:
Sides orange Humbrol nr 84
Sidor yellow  Humbrol nr 74  -  Mixed with more white to get a lighter color.
Roof gray Humbrol nr 64
Bottom line black Humbrol nr 33
All painted with airbrush.

The body on a painting stand just painted with the first cover of a light gray primer.

Yellow out of the #74 seemed to be too dark.

Mixed with white i found the right color for the motor unit. The trailers colors was mixed with further more white to get a really weathered look.
Masking is made with Scotch Magic Tape

 The motor unit

The trailer

Now the roof.

The trailer ready for mounting of windows and decals.

Side windows
The bodys are delivered without windows so you have to make them on your own. To the side windows I have used overhead film with windows printed on a laser printer, then cut out, fitted and glued with super glue. 

Front Windows   The front windows are "painted" with a brush and glossy varnish.


The decals used for the model are a mixture of different decals, 
some homemade on a ink jet printer.

The protoype is a really "decorated" unit.
The tags on the model are of course my own. The graffiti is personal and you cannot copy anyone elses tags.

Here a couple of sketches.

Klicka för en större bild Klicka för en större bild
Now when the painting is complete, evertything except for the windows are covered with a matt varnish.


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