Diesel Railcar Y6  -  50 Years of duty

Last update:  2008-08-27  

Prototype Part 1 - building Painting Chassis More pictures...

Photos: Olle Frykmo

The railcar still alive 2001
The railcar is nowadays a common sight in the activitys of different preservation societys.
This picture shows a
row of railcars  temporarily on duty on the line Kristianstad - Åhus during the 
great scoutcamp "Scout 2001".
And an off duty trailer
This railcar trailer did it´s last duty as a working wagon for the Construction sector "Banverket".
Now waiting for the end at a siding in Västerås.
Picture from May 2003.
N scale model 

The railcar

and the trailer

This type of railcar was produced between 1953 and 1961 and had a steel body as a difference to the earlier railcars with wooden bodies. The littera was originally YBo6 / YCo6 later changed to Y6.
It was a very common sight on all branchlines on the countryside during the 50:s and 60:s both on normal and narrow gauge lines. The railcars served the lines even in the early 80:s. Last regular service was in 1988. 
Many of the cars was later rebuilt to serve the construction sector as different types of working vehicles

Delivery years: 1953 - 1961
Manufacurer: ASJ, Hägglunds, Eksjöverken,
                    Kalmar verkstad
Numbers of units built: 731
Axel arrengement: 
10.700mm + 2000mm

A couple of videoclips from the first runs
Simple videos, 
Quality - very bad :-) 

   ***.rm      Real Player
   ***.wmw  Windows media player

Building of the model - part 1 
The body to the Y6 is produced by the Danish firm Togdillen, one railcar and one trailer.
Retailer in Sweden is NModell, and they have composed a package including body, decals, motorised Tomix chassis and a building instruction.

The chassis is not yet delivered, but we hope it will come during the autumn 2003.

The railcar will be painted as a newly repainted preservation car. The trailer is meant to be a wreckage as on the picture above.
In that configurations both units will fit to the model period of my layout (1990 -->)    

The two pictures below pictures from NModels website shows the bodys as they are delivered.
 You could do some more modifications to have a more correct model

The motor unit  The trailer 

The bodys are very accurate to scale and You can build and paint the models just as they are,
 except fore some 
trimming of excessive mouldings. 
My choiche was to add some more realism to the models with a few details as destination signs, light houses of correct size, handrails etc.


Some modifications:

The edges of the roof is rounded to get the correct profile.
A destination plate should be present at both sides of the roof
The small single light houses are changed to double houses and a top light is added. 
Handräcken till dörrar och frontlucka görs av 0,3 mm mässingstråd.
Den är tunn, men är man säker på handen går det bra.
First step - Find the drill handle and mount the 0,3mm drill

The next step is to make a guide plate for bending and drilling
The guide is made of 1mm styren sheet 20*11mm 
The rod is bent over the guide, 5 mm between the legs


The "legs" are cut to 1 mm length                         And here is one of the handrails

The same guide is now used when drilling the holes in the body.

The handrails is tested temporarily on the body.  They will be mounted when the body is painted.  
Front hatch

Next detail is a new front hatch 

The hatch is made of 0,5 mm styren sheet
and t
he rails are made of 
brass rod 0.3 mm.
You can try to drill two 0.3mm holes for the handles.
It is possible - You have 0,1 mm on each side of the hole ;-)
(But be prepared with lot of hatches, sometimes the drill will slip)

Part 2 - painting  ---->