Building of the models,  X20-X22

last changed:  2008-08-27  

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photo: Olle Frykmo


Chassis from an Ibertren Motor unit.
(New items from Ibertrain isnīt for sale any more)

The boggie frames are dismounted making the wheels visible.
The chassis is cut to have the proper length for the short X20 wagons and new holes had to be drilled
 for the rear boogies on each wagon.
Extra weights had to be mounted on the motor unit to increase traction.

Scratchbuilt with styren sheet.
The inner layer, 0,7 mm, was carefully wamed soft in boiling water and then bent around a wooden form for a few hours.
A couple of extra walls is
necessary to keep the body straight.
In the outer layer, 0,25 mm, the windows were cut out before glueing the layers together.
The roof is made of several layers of bonded styren sheets that have been filed to get the right form.

The pantographs are made of styren rods,