Motorvagn X21 / X22

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photos: Olle Frykmo


Electrical Motor Unit  X21 / X22
This type of EMU was produced by  Hilding Carlssons workshops for TGOJ. Their original livery was olive green/yellow and were numbered litt Yoa202. Later the units were repainted in this orange livery and hed the numbers changed to X21.
Four units were rebuilt during the years 1982-1988 and  was then renumbered to X22.
During the 90:s it made it´s main services for the local operator VL on the lines in mid Sweden.
The units were during 2001 and 2002 replaced by the new X50 Regina trains to service the same lines. 
A few of the X21/X22 units are still in service in other regions.

EMU TGOJ / VL X22-11 at Västerås in 1991

Delivery years: 1958 - 1959
Manufaturer: Hilding Carlsson / ASEA
Operator: TGOJ / Västmanlands Lokaltrafik
Numbers built as X21: 10
Numbers rebuilt as X22:  4
Length train:         32,8 meter
Lenght one unit:   16,2 meter
Wheelbase:         2 + 10,1 meter
Axel arrangements:     (1A)´(A1)´
Model: X21 Scale N Model X22 Scale N


Built 1991
Body: Scratchbuilt in styren
Chassis: From an Ibertren DMU, not availible any more