EMU -  X20

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photo: Olle Frykmo

Electrical Motor Unit  X20
This type of EMU was produced by  Hilding Carlssons workshops for TGOJ. Their original livery was olive green/yellow and were numbered litt Yoa104. Later the units were repainted in this orange livery. 

During the 90:s it made it´s main services for the local operator VL on the lines in mid Sweden.
This specific unit was at that time repainted in VL:s white/blue livery. It is still doing services, but now on lines in the Stockholm region. 

                       TGOJ/VL X20-202 at Västerås in 1991

Delivery years: 1956 - 1957
Manufacturer Hilding Carlsson / ASEA
Operator: TGOJ / Västmanlands Lokaltrafik
Numbers built: 3
Length train:    65 meter
Lenght one unit:      16,2 meter
Wheelbase:            2 + 10,1 meter
Axel arrangement:         (1A)´(A1)´
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Built 1991
Body: Scratchbuilt in styren
Chassis: From an Ibertren DMU, not availible any more
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Klicka för en större bild The model on the line at the channel.