EMU  X10

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  Built: 1983 - 1993
Manufacturer: ASEA
Operator: VL (Västmanlands lokaltrafik)

Lenght motor unit:   24934mm
Length train: 49868mm
Wheel base: 2600+18000mm

Numbers built: 101 for different operators

Above: X10  106 at Surahammar in 1992 

Right: X10  102 "Scheele" at Västerås in 1992
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Built 1992
Body: Scratchbuilt, styren
Chassis: Tomix 2822, Shinkansen Type 125
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Chassie 1, Graham Farish class 158
The original chassis for the model was a Grafar class 158 DMU, two wagon set.
The lenght of the chassis was accurate, just a few modifications were needed. 
New fronts and sidings were built for the boogies.
The exhaust pipes were removed and replaced with "boxes".

After a few years the gear boxes did not work well any more. The springs got stuck when changing direction.
I sent the unit for repair but soon the trouble started again. It was time for a change.

Chassie 2, Tomix
A Tomix chassis for the Shinkansen Type 125  replaced the GF chassis in 2001 and now the unit runs OK again.
Click to enlaarge Right: The original Grafar chassis
Left:   The new Tomix chassis

Middle: Upside down body. (click to enlarge)

The Grafar chassis for the dummy wagon

The Tomix chassis of the motor unit

The bodies mounted.

Scratchbuilt with styrene sheets in three layers
The windows are not clear "see-through", just painted with black glossy color.

The roof is an recycled roof from an Ibertreen EMU.

The model is painted in the colorscheme of the local operator "Västmanlands lokaltrafik" from the period betweeen 1990 and 1994.
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The X10 arriving at Skultuna station.
On the siding a X20 EMU is waiting.