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Swedish hopper wagon Qbd

A picture from the mid 90:s at Valskog station area.
At this time the Qbd wagons were all grey.

Later many of them have been repainted in a yellow color.


                         Catalogue Fleischmann                        

N scale model 
There are two possible models to start with

Fleischmann (nr 8525): picture left
and Minitrix (nr 13279): picture below

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To the left the unconverted Minitrix wagon.

To the right the converted Fleischman wagon.


Converting the model 
The wagons are almost accurate to the Swedish prototype.

A few changes have to be done:
The upper fold of the container has to be cut down.
The lever for automatic release, should be dismounted
   and the gap covered.
A metal protection sheet has to be mounted;
   as on the picture right (made of styren sheet of course)
A wooden footstep should be mounted at the ladder..

The model was first painted all gray with an airbrush.
Then with a brush different gray shades rust were added. 

The prototypes shows a wide range of color variations depending on the wagons age.


More pictures 
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The model at a siding at Skultuna station

Another prototype at Valskog