British Rail  -  BR Railfreight  Class 08 - Diesel

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                                                                 photo: Steve Jones 2000

British Rail - Class 08

Shunter produced in a great number of units.

Swedish SJ had a few units named litt V1

To the left: The prototype in BR blue livery

You can find more pictures of the  Class
09  and many other British engines
 Steves website: Steve Jones' Railway Photo Pages

Delivery year: 194x-----
Manufacturer: English Electric


                                                     photo: Olle Frykmo 2003

Modell - Graham Farish 1008 - BR Railfreight Class 08 Diesel Locomotive.


More pictures 
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                                                                     photo: Olle Frykmo 2003
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A Class 08 shunting at the Skultuna layout.
Some time there will be a new home for my British models, a couple of British modules are planned
(Really they have been planned for many years, but I havn´t started yet)
Until then the shunter have found some wagons with British (Scotisch) load on the layout.