Making an SJ black train in scale N

 photo: Olle Frykmo

When building in modern Swedish eral should a passenger train with SJ's black livery be found on the layout
This train (
with mixed colors on tha coaches) is photographed at Västerås station area in May 2013
When Fleischmann in 2012 released a new edition of the Swedish Rc electrical engine, I decided to try to get into making a train of that type.
- Rc locomotive
could probably be converted from Rc2 to the more suitable types Rc3 and Rc6 and then painted black.
Coaches of SJ's 1980 type  model was not available at the market
So I decided to develop my own etched plates for a conversion kit based on Roco Eurifima coach.

- As an extra, I built a odel of the control cab
whith an onboard camera mounted.
control cab is not so common, it was only built in three copies, but is perfect to house the on board camera.

The links above are some photos from the conversion and construction of the various
parts of the train
Pictures of the models