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TGOJ Ma 401 in orange livery - 1995 in Sala.
The operator TGOJ ordered originally nine engines for the ore services from the mines in bergslagen to the harbour at Oxelösund. These nine engines had round windows at he sides.
TGOJ Ma 876  "Ragne J" in a green/blue livery  -  2003 in Sala.
This engine was originally deliverd to SJ in 1954.
Note the "square" windows at the sides.
There is another, later version of the green/blue livery.
In 1991 all 26 of SJ:s remaining Ma engines was transfered to TGOJ. Most of those engines are now hauling heavy goods trains in the mid swedish region, often twin coupled.

Delivery years: 1953 - 1960
Manufacurer: ASEA

Numbers built for TGOJ: 9
Numbers built for SJ:     32.

Lenght:    16.8 meter
Wheelbase:   4,2 + 7,6 meter
Axel arrengement: Co´Co´

N scale model in orange livery N scale model - green/blue livery, version one - grön/blå f
Some work is yet to do, boogie sides and details of the roof


Building of the model 
A suitable chassis for  Ma is Minitrix Ae 6/6 

                                   Minitrix89/90 catalogue
Chassis during modification
The chassis is a bit to long to be in scale. 
A few millimeters at each end of the metal body is cut off.
Converted chassis  
New sides for the boggies was produced of styren sheet
Rather simple design but more like the prototype.
The front couplings are taken away and replaced with a snow plow. 

The chassis is still too long to be in scale so even the body has to be enlarged a bit.
It is possible to extend the distance between the windows without losing the character of the body. 

A drawing of both the body in scale and the extended body. 


The body is scratchbuilt with styren sheet in two layers
  The inner layer 0,75 mm 
  The outer layer  0,125mm, with cut out windows  
The roof is made of several layers of bonded styren sheets that have been filed to get the right form.
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Painted with an airbrush, Humbrol and Molak colours 
  The white lines on the orange models are ready made decal stripes
  The blue lining of the blue/green model is paintes with the airbrush
   after some masking.


More pictures 

Two pictures of the models:

twin coupled in front of a heavy goods train
An old SJ unit transfered to TGOJ.
Picture from Eskilstuna 1992, the unit is waiting for reparation and repainting.
TGOJ Ma 409 in Krylbo 2003
TGOJ Ma 405 in the latest livery. Krylbo 2003
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TGOJ Ma 409, outsida Sala , march 2003