Rolling stock at my layout - foreign guests

Last changed:  2008-08-27

In this section You will find:
pictures and data of the prototypes 
pictures of the models on the layout 
a short description of building / conversions of some 

The foreign guests are a few models.
Some are guests because of my interest in British railroads, other items are part of conversion projects where the chassis should be used to build a swedish model. 



          Multiple units  Diesel engines   Wagons
     Operator Prototype Model  Chassis

JR Class 681, Thunderbird Kato   Kato


     Operator Prototype Model  Chassis

BR Class 08 Graham Farish 
BR Class 40 Graham Farish

UP GP40 Atlas

MP SD-50 Atlas



     Operator Prototype Model   
Private J&B Tank wagon Piko, Peco Repainted