Electrical engine  -  Hg

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Prototype Model -first version Version 2 tests 
with Kato chassis
Version 2 - Tomix chassis
and a new etched body
Pictures of the models

all photos: Olle Frykmo


This engine was used in light goods and passenger  services
by  SJ, and TGOJ even in the late eighties.

A retired Hg at the Swedish Railway Museum at Gävle
in October 2007.

Delivery years: 1947 - 1954
Manufacturer: ASEA / Nohab
Numbers built for TGOJ:   7
                              SJ:  56
                           GDG:   7
                            NKIJ:  2 

Lenght:    12,5 meter
Wheelbase:   2,8 + 5,7 meter

Axel arrengements: Bo´Bo´

Model version 1
The first model was built in 1994
An N-scale model built from scratch in styren technique
It is a dummy though I couldn´t find any chassis that 
fittted into the low body

The model is painted in the TGOJ orange livery
Klicka för en större bild
The two prototype models made prior to a coming small scale series of hand built models based on a Tomix chassis. Oct 2007


Ten years later - At last a couple of small chassis  
                          The new try will demand an etched body

At last i have found a couple of tiny chassis that seems to be able to motorize the Hg engine.
The first chassis that I tried was a Kato 11-106 Shorty Chassis.

On the picture below together with a sketch built of plain paper.

You have to adjust qiute a few details to make it fit the body.
  • It is too short so it had´s to be made 11 mm longer
  • It is not heavy at all and has to be ballasted with extra weight
  • The size of the boggies doesn´t match the prototype they are much too short
    But taht might be OK, You cannot fix everything :-)


 2007-01-06 Preparing the Kato-chassis

An "undressed" chassis....
all in pieces

The chassis now cut in two pieces and on the pictures below it lenghten with 11 mmm.

The extended chassis now fits into the body, but it will really need a lot of more extra weight to be able to pull a train.
I am not really satisfied with this chassis, too much preparations for a chassis that doesn´t work well for this purpose.




2007-01-28   The first tries with the etched body

Next step was to construct the drawings for an etched test sheet with the body and a few details.
The work was done with help from some drawings and pictures found both in swedish train litterature and on the Internet. 
Corel Draw is the program that I use for this kind of work.

  The upper part of the first prototype body in front of the Kato chassis and some details for a new construction of the pantographs.
The prototype on the the track for the first time.
There are of course "a few" minor details that have to be corrected for the next version of the body.
A close up of the prototype pantograph.
A swedish type named LLXJ used by many different engines built in the fifties and the sixties
and after a few revisions still in use on these engines.


2007-02-01   Another try - Now with a Tomix chassis.

Speaking with Anders at Nmodell we found out that there was another chassis that could be used.
It was the Tomix 12 meter TM-01 chassis, even this a light weight chassis but including a flywheel.

This chassis was a better runner than the other one and it was almost correct to size, but to make it fit well I have to make some changes on the body for the next etching.


A very blurry video clip of the first run with the Tomix chassis

2007-02-04   Progress of construction.......... 
Just a picture from the work bench.
While working with the construction of a new etched body I use to produce a quite big amount of 3D paper sketches in different scales. It is more easy to check the fitting of the details i bigger scale rather than  in the "target scale" 1:160.
Well,  the aftermath is a huge scrap heap of bodies.

In the front row the first styrene model, the  etched prototype for the new model and to the right a 1:100 scale sketch for the corrected final ??? body for the Tomix chassis.


2007-02-06   The work continues.........................
The work continues with new moments
- I am now waiting for the new adjusted etchings to be produced.
- While waiting there are much more work to do with different details as bogies puffers etc
- ..............


2007-09-18   At last the new etchings has arrived and I have built two new prototypes

SJ Hg 571

TGOJ Hg 207


Pictures of the first built styrene model
A couple of views from the layout.
The Hg engine with a few wagons that seems to be completely lost from their destination
The following two pictures shows the new prototype engines at a test run at the line in october 2007