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photo: Olle Frykmo

SJ  Du2 

Du 2 424 at Sala, january 2003
The engines were originally built as litt Dk or Ds.
When these classes  changed to a new type of motor 
they were renamed to Du.

The engines numbered Du2 could even be coupled as twin engines.

Delivery year: 1932 - 1943
Manufacurer: ASEA 

Lenght:    13 meter
Wheelbase:   9,4 meter
Axel arrangement: 1´C1´
N scale model 

Fleischmann  nr FL-7368, out of the box. 



More pictures 

A Du engine in front of the last passenger train that stopped at Skultuna station in the year 1967.

Photo from the collections of  Skultuna Hembygdsförenings 


 Two pictures of the model at the layout.