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Photo: Olle Frykmo

TGOJ - Bt 305.
Just repainted in its original livery at Grängesbergs railway museum

The Bt engines were used in both passenger and good trains until the class was withdrawn in the early 90:s.

Delivery year: 1954 - 1955
Manufacturer : ASEA / Nohab
Numbers built: 11

Lenght: 14,9 meter
Wheelbase: 3,0 + 7,8 meter
Axel arrangement: Bo´Bo´
Click to enlarge N scale model still without the pantographs.



Building the model 
A suitable chassis is the Minitrix DB 111 

                                   Picture from the Minitrix89/90 catalogue


Scratchbuilt with styren sheets in two layers with 
windows cut out of the outer layer.

The roof is made of bonded styren sheets and then filed to
the right shape.
Click to enlarge


The model is airbrushed with Molak and Humbrol colors.
The white stripes are decal strips


More pictures 

Another picture of the Bt 405 at Grängesberg