Tractor  - Bjurström - Type 8

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photo: Olle Frykmo


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This tractor was produced in many versions for different companys. At SJ it was numberd litt Z

A few tractors are still in service.

Delivery year: 1926 - 1943
Manufacturer: AB Slipmaterial, Västervik
Number built : 134

Lenght:       5  meter
Wheelbase:   1,9 meter


The two models above are built as typical Type 8:s without  specific prototypes.

The prototype for this model was Slipmaterial nr 90 
that was sold to  Ramnäs bruk 
This model is painted in an early SJ livery


Building the model 
All models are built without motor with the body made of styren. The buffers are small nails.



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