Control cab AFM7  - model with on board camera

updated:  2013-07-06  

AFM7 5544 at Hallsberg May 26 2013

Delivery year:      1988
Manufacturer:       Kalmar Verkstad 
Numbers built      3

Length:         26,4 meter
Wheelbase:   2,5 + 18,5 meter                                    
Only three units of the control cab was produced.
They were designed to run a shuttle service along with Rc6
engines and initially used mainly in traffic between Stockholm and Uppsala.

The model of the wagon is equipped with a wireless onboard camera to be able to see a
windshield view on a display at exhibitions.


Model of the same car with onboard camera glimpsed in the right windshield          A video from the on board camera
Building the model 


A special vesrion of the etched sheet for the A7/B7-conversion kit were developed for this particular model
One of the wagon ends end shall be used as a drivers cab.

The design is the same as on the Rc engines

The different parts used to assemble this wagon.


The finished car body next to the base where the camera kit from
FBC Mascinen is fitted.

The mounting of the camera and the current
pick up from the axles was made by the supplier for all the solders would be correct.
The camera coach will run in pair with another coach which also has current pick up on all axles.
In this way, the current pick up is distributed over a greater distance  and will reduce the risk of temporary power failure when passing 
switch yars or tracks with bad track position.

On the picture is also the receiver of the wireless signal.
Provkörning av de båda parkopplade vagnarna över en av anläggningens broar.
The trailer has a very special appearance by the "high brow" over the cab
From the other direction it is more similar to an ordinary passenger car.