Passenger coach SJ A7/B7

last update:  2013-07-06  

Photo: Olle Frykmo

Passenger coach B7   2:nd class in black livery                               At Västerås in June 20/2012

This is the latest SJ livery-  The coaches has earlire been painted
in other liveries, picture at the bottom of this page

Delivery years:      1979-1990
Manufacturer:       Kalmar Verkstad 
Numbers built      171

Length:    26,4 meter
Wheelbases:   2,5 + 18,5 meter


Model of the B7 coach
Building the model 


A German Roco Eurofima coach is
used as base for the model.

Everything, except the body is reused.
For this model I produced a new etched kit for the body and the special details.


The kit is availible in my webshop.

The replacement body mounted on the chassis


B7 passenger coach 
2:nd class
BF7 passenger coach

2:nd class with freigt department 

A7   1:st class
B7   2:nd class
BF7  2:nd class
This wagon type has over the years been in a few different color schemes.