An N-scale delivery moped - a very very tiny detail

What looks like a small bug on top of the matchbox
is the very first try to make my own etched delivery moped.

This type of moped is a very classical type of moped found almost everywhere  all over the country from the sixties until today.

Though it is a very common sight in Sweden there isn´t any produced item to buy in any scale. So what to do if you want to have it?

Of course, you have to construct your own. 
My way of doing it is to make a photo etched item. 

The item is very small and consists of 15 tiny parts and the length is 13 mm.
This is the limit of what I think is possible for me to produce as an etched kit i N scale.

A red moped on the fret that contains pieces for two mopeds.

Classical blue


The delivery boys takes a few minutes rest outside the station house



Another place to take a rest.