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Intro Rolling
and tracks
Buildings and

Section A 

Section B 

Section C 
 Thorwick Station Area
 Section D -
Thorwick City

Section D       -        Thorwick City Center 

 A quite heavy and compact section as in some odd way connects the City center at Thorwick on the lover level
with the Swedish city Engelsfors at the upper level.

On the lower level the railway line disappears into the tunnel on its way to other parts of Scotland and the UK.
A Grafar/Bachman Class 37 arriving to Thorwick
At Thorwick works we find two older engines.
Both are repainted Grafar engines, a Class 08 and a Class 40..


 On a middle level, just above the works, we find the "Upper Street" 


Most likely the both worlds normally are obscured by the British fog and itīs not known if you
really can reach between these two worlds.

But it could be possible that the small blue Police box could be the hidden way to pass between the levels.