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Intro Rolling
and tracks
Buildings and

Section A 

Section B 

Section C 
 Thorwick Station Area
 Section D -
Thorwick City

  Section A       -        Bordobrach Junction  
 A sport engaged neighborhood whith a connection line to the upper level Scandinavian sections.     

Here, at the district Bordobrach, connects the line from Scandinavia at the workbench in the far end of the section.

There is also a connection to the combined service and programming track as well as to the long outer calibration track
and the hidden, stabling tracks
behind the scenery.

A small signal box at the entrance at Bordobrach junction.
One of the buildings from Metcalfes Signal box kit.
Terraced houses at the slope along the Junction Road in Bordobrach
Here, an elderly gentleman coming down the hill on his way home back from work, or he may be are going a bit further down the street, 
it's Saturday ......
Itīs time for a derby at the local arena. The supporters are warming up at the pub corner. Some hotspurs probably needs to cool off before the game begins.


Under the Arches

A lot of scrap has gathered outside some workshops
The business is not so intense down here these days

But in the evening suddenly this figure appears
(Click the picture above to show a short video sequence:-)