Project 2016 - New corner sections with a roundhouse sidan uppdaterad:  2016-05-30  
Intro Part 1
Building log

Part 1  -  Diorama with a model of a roundhouse from Ängelsberg. 

Below, some pictures showing reflections of the protoype down on the model diorama.

The prototype, located at Ängelsberg in county of Västmanland, was ready built in the year of 1900.
It was damaged by fire in 1943 but were rebuilt to its original state.
Today the roundhouse is used by a preservation society.


Myself, during measuring at the prototype


                           A selfie in scale 1:160



Some photoshopping

While waiting for continuation of the work with the new sections i played a litlle with photoshop
to get some natural backgrounds for the model.

Prototype from south east with a southbound X50 EMU


My own models of roundhouse and the X50 EMU
pasted on to the same background.

The roundhouse from north
An the diorama pasted into the same photo


Clickable pictures from the diorama




From behind

Roof details 1

Roof details 2