Some words about myself


Model railroading
The main season for my railroading is from spring to autumn. (Itīs a little bit chilly downstais where my layout is).  During the cold season it is possible to maintain the the homepage wich is a very nice way to show my works. You donīt need so much effort to show the layout to people.
I started the homepage in the summer of 2001. 

To show the layout at an exhibition you have to stuff all the things in the car and drive several miles to get to the place. Then mount the layout up for a couple of days show and then take everything home again.
It is quite a job if it is your private layout and you have to make it alone. 
Though when you are ready at the show it is a nice way to meet people and share ideas.

When the layout is on the net, you can get visitors from all over the world if you supply links at the right places. And you only need to show the parts that you are really satisfied with if you wish.

Except for the modelrailroading there are a few other things that occupies me.

My family, me and my wife and two teenaged boys lives in Skultuna, a village in the middle of Sweden.
We have lived here since 1981 so it must be quite a good place to live in.

The two boys are of course one more of the reasons for the lack of modelrailroading during the winter.
The main activity during the winter is Bandy, a nordic wintersport (Invented in England !! in the late 1880:s)
Itīs like Icehockey but performed on outdoor arenas in the size of a soccerarena and with is played with a small orange ball.
This activity demands transportation to the other arenas where they play. 
Well, I really enjoy this sport so I donīt miss the MR so much during the winter.

A couple of pictures that shows Bandy played by boys, 14 years old.
Our team is the green and white team - Västerås SK

My occupation ?

Iīm working as a network specialist at the countys Healthcare organisation and is responsible for
the network between the three hospitals and the local healthcare centrals.
I have been in the computer business since 1980 and doing networking since 1984.



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